About 20 students of the Ashkali community drop out of school

During this school year, about twenty students from the Shkali community have abandoned the learning process at the "Naim Frashëri" elementary school in the village of Zaskok in the Municipality of Ferizaj. Most of these students are in first and second grade, while there are also eighth and ninth graders.

Meanwhile, the dropout prevention team established by the Municipal Directorate of Education in Ferizaj is making efforts to return the children to school, but so far no positive results have been achieved. Cases of abandonment from 2 to 3 cases have also been recorded in some schools of Ferizaj, Koha Ditoer writes today.

Ismet Çerkini, director of the primary school "Naim Frashëri" in the village of Zaskok in the municipality of Ferizaj, said that the severe economic conditions and the reluctance of parents to bring their children to school have so far left a total of 20 students of the Ashkali community.

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