"Kroi i loti" the place where the Albanians of Albania and Kosovo communicated with codes

You have to pass several villages of Has to get to Gorozhup, the village that is separated from Albania only by mountains. This village was the first destination realized by the team of the show "JETA" for the new season.

Once the village was populated by about 300 families, while today there are very few resident families in Gorozhup.

Most of the families in this village are known for their activity as bakers.

They practice the tradition as bakers in European countries, where some of them live.

The special characteristic of this village is "Kroi i Lotit", the name of which speaks of the period of the Albanians under the Yugoslav regime and that of communism.

This krua was a meeting place between the Albanians of Albania and those of Kosovo.

But under both regimes it was impossible for both parties to communicate freely, said Ramadan Totaj, a resident of Gorozhup.

It was coded communication during the filling of water from the kroi, where both parties often sang songs to convey messages.

In the story of the inhabitants, the discovery of this form of communication is also mentioned, as the escort by the soldiers had started.

Totaj from Gorozhupi remembers one of the stories that his father had conveyed to his family members regarding the gift secretly conveyed from Albania through "Kroit te Loti".

For the residents of Gorozhup i Has, this kraua has turned into a tourist attraction.