3 Germans suspected of being Chinese spies are arrested

Germany - China, flags

Three German citizens have been arrested on suspicion of espionage in favor of China and carrying information on technology with possible military uses, the "AP" agency reports. Prosecutors said the three German nationals are accused of acting for Chinese intelligence before June 2022. They are also suspected of violating German export laws by exporting a special laser without permission. 

One of the suspects, identified only as Thomas R. in accordance with German privacy laws, is alleged to have been an agent of an employee of China's Ministry of State Security and had provided information to Germany about "innovative technologies of military use." To do this, prosecutors said, he used Herwig F. and Ina. F, a couple who own a company in Düsseldorf, which was used to contact and work with German researchers, the Associated Press reports. 

 British police, meanwhile, charged two men on Monday with spying for China, including one reported to have worked as a researcher in the British parliament for a prominent lawmaker from the ruling Conservative Party. The two men, aged 32 and 29, were charged with providing prejudicial information to China in violation of the Official Secrets Act and will appear in court on Friday.