Six missing

Investigators lose hope for more survivors of Baltimore bridge collapse



Photo: Associated Press

U.S. federal investigators have recovered the black box from the freighter that crashed Tuesday into the Baltimore Bridge, U.S. authorities said Wednesday, as search teams continue to search for the six missing people who were on the bridge. at the time of the accident.

A highway crew will also search the remains of the Francis Scott Key Bridge as they try to determine how and why the freighter crashed into the pier of the 2,6-kilometer bridge, Reuters reported. 

Investigators from the US National Transportation Safety Board found the data recorder after boarding the ship late Tuesday, NTSB Chairman Jennifer Homendy said. They will interview the ship's crew, she announced.

The disaster forced authorities to close the Port of Baltimore, one of the busiest in the US.
Search teams managed to pull two of the workers out of the water alive, one of whom was hospitalized. 

Meanwhile, the other six who are supposed to be missing include immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, the Mexican Consulate in Washington said. 

The eight workers were part of a team repairing potholes in the road surface when the Singapore-flagged ship Dali hit the pier while leaving Baltimore for Sri Lanka.