South Korea bans eating dog meat

South Korea has banned the slaughter and sale of dog meat by law.

The BBC has reported on Tuesday that the law aims to put an end to the centuries-old practice of eating this meat, until in recent years interest in it had fallen significantly.

According to the law, the breeding or slaughter of dogs for consumption will be prohibited, as well as the distribution or sale of dog meat. Those convicted of this offense may end up in prison.

The new legislation will take effect in three years, giving farmers and restaurant owners time to find alternative sources of employment and income.

They will have to come up with a plan to get dog meat off the menu.

The government has promised to fully support dog meat farmers, butchers and restaurant owners whose businesses will be forced to close, although details of what compensation they will receive have not been released.

According to government statistics, South Korea has about 1,600 dog meat restaurants and 1,150 dog farms in 2023.

Dog meat stew, called "boshintang," is considered a delicacy among some older Koreans, but the meat is no longer popular among younger people.