Afghan girls over 12 banned from singing in public, authorities raise concerns

The Afghan Ministry of Education says it is investigating a statement by the director of education in the capital, who has banned girls over the age of 12 from singing in public.

The director's ban was criticized a lot, especially on social networks, while the fights are said to have started after concerns about breaking the peace agreement with the Taliban.

The Taliban had banned girls from education and singing long ago. Apart from singing, girls over the age of 12 are prohibited from having male music teachers. On the other hand, the Ministry of Education has said that this decision of the director does not reflect its position, saying that they will take disciplinary measures against the director, BBC reports.

"Forgive me God, human beings can be so cruel that they even see a child from a gender-based perspective," wrote poet Shafiqa Khpalwak, a well-known writer in the country.