Walker tells how he received marriage proposals from Albanian women

The former ambassador of the OSCE Verification Mission in Kosovo, William Walker, has shown how he had also received offers of marriage from Albanian women.

Walker told KTV Interactive that his house in the USA receives visitors from Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia and Montenegro, almost every week.

"Every day of my life I think it has something to do with Kosovo. The diaspora in Washington is very small, but some of them are my friends and whenever their relatives come from Kosovo to the USA, political figures from Kosovo come to visit me. My house receives visitors almost every week from Kosovo, Albania and even from Macedonia or Montenegro. Albanians. Sometimes I don't know why they want to meet me. Some women have come to meet me and have offered me marriage. Unfortunately they said it in Albanian, so I wasn't sure what they were talking about. But this place has been a big part of my life since I left. I will try to come here as often as I can now that the pandemic is over and if my health allows," said Walker.