Bush tells how he convinced Berisha to leave Kosovo for Albania

Medon Berisha, Alban Bushi

Medon Berisha with the shirt of Kosovo and Albania & Alban Bushi (in the middle)

The selector of Albania U21, Alban Bushi, has shown that he had promised midfielder Medon Berisha the captain's armband to convince him to join the new red and black team and thus leave Kosovo.

At the press conference on Wednesday, Bushi emphasized that Medon Berisha deserved Sylvinho's invitation to "Euro 2024". According to Bush, Berisha's personality and leadership on the field set him apart.

On June 7, Albania's hopes will hold the next qualifying match for "Euro 2025". They will face Montenegro. On June 11, the young Reds and Blacks will play a friendly against Liechtenstein.

But the current captain of Albania U21, Medon Berisha, is not expected to be in these matches. He has been invited to the National Team A for "Euro 2024".

"Berisha is in the A team for the first time. We were convinced that he would go to the A team very early, but he went earlier than expected. For us, he has been a decisive player, with personality, and the invitation is more than deserved. When I contacted Medon Berisha, he was part of Kosovo and I promised him the captain's armband to be part of Albania. I promised him, because I could see that he had a lot of personality on the field of play, he was a leader and he fully deserved it. I wish him much success and I hope we have him in our match with Montenegro", said Bushi, wishing success to Berisha in the European Championship.

Sylvinho must submit the final list of 26 players who will be part of Albania in the European Championship on June 7. Its part will most likely be the talented football player.

Berisha, 20, who plays for Lecce in Serie A, was the surprise of Brazilian coach Sylvinho's preliminary shortlist.

Berisha has made two appearances for Albania U19 and one for Albania U20. Then he appeared twice for Kosovo U21, before moving to Albania U21.

Now he is a strong candidate to secure a place in Albania's A team.

In the European Championship that starts on June 14, Albania will compete in Group B, which also includes Italy, Croatia and Spain.