Phoenix, however, escapes relegation, this is the reasoning of FFK


"After the loss in Gjakova, Phoenix falls to the Second League".

This is what he wrote in the first announcement of the Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK), on Sunday.

But the FFK announcement was changed later. Additional information was published that hints that whether the team from Banja e Peja will remain part of the First League will be decided "with a special decision".

KOHA learns that it has been decided that Phoenix will remain part of the first League at least in the next edition.

"If it were a normal situation, at the end of the championship, the last two teams in the respective groups would have to leave the league, but after the exclusion from the competitions of Vllaznia and Ulpiana, now it will be decided by a special decision and everything will be known during the next week. Let us recall that the First League, which is divided into two groups, from 2025 will be a unique league, for which the decision has been made and the clubs have been notified in time", he writes in the improved announcement of the FFK.

Ulpiana and Vllaznia were sent off for match fixing. The FFK also made some decisions about those involved in conspiring the match.

In Phoenix, they plan to mobilize for the next edition, after they avoided relegation in a "surprising" way.

"Next season, if we remain in the First League, the only option will be the fight for the Super League", said the president of Phoenix, Muhedin Ferati, on Sunday for KOHEN.

The First League of Kosovo is divided into two groups. There are Group A and Group B. Phoenix competed in Group A. Finished in last place with 23 points. The drop of only two teams from the First League is also predicted by the FFK Competition Propositions. But from one of each group.

The First League from the 2025/2026 edition will merge, and there will be 18 teams in the competition.

Dinamo e Ferizaj and Prishtina e Re will face each other in the tie match of the First League. The draw match between Dinamo and New Pristina will be played on May 26 at the "Rexhep Rexhepi" stadium in Drenas.

The winner of this match, on June 1st, plays a draw with the eighth place team of the Superliga.

Currently in eighth position is Feronikel 74.

Dinamo finished in second place with 52 points in Group A of the First League, while Prishtina e Re was second in Group B.

Suhareka and Ferizaj are included directly in the Super League.