Behrami harshly criticizes the Swiss coach

Valon Behrami

Valon Behrami has played 83 games for Switzerland and has contributed with two scored goals. He had a great career at club level, in strong European leagues, playing for Lugano, Genoa, Verona, Lazio, West Ham, Fiorentina, Napoli, Hamburg, Watford, Udinese, Sion and Brescia. 

Behrami is now an analyst in the Swiss medium "20min", while on Saturday, a day after Murat Yakini's list for this year's European Championship was made public, he gave harsh criticism. 

"What is the purpose of this contingent", said Behrami, who was surprised by such a high number of invited players.

Yakini on Friday published the list of 38 names for "Euro 2024", but this number will be reduced twice before the final list for the European Championship organized in Germany is submitted. Up to 26 players can be called up to the European Championship. Six of Yakin's 38 guests are of Albanian origin. 

"38 players. This is a surprise. Why should Switzerland receive such a large number of players compared to other countries? In the European qualifiers, there were opponents such as Belarus or Andorra, and the young players could be included in the national team. Why are young people being invited now, just before the European Championship? It was possible for this to be done throughout the year, the season, there was time to look, analyze and test", said Behrami on Saturday.

He said that this will create a lot of confusion because it will not be possible to create team spirit.

“How can you build team spirit when half of them know they're leaving in a few days? It's the wrong time. The focus must now be on the tournament, tactical ideas must be developed and implemented, while the team must function as a body. It is the wrong time for some young players to be given gifts and invited to the national team. For what? Once again, it is difficult to understand the motive and mentality of Murat Yakini's decisions. But it is his decision and it must be respected. I hope that this team with such a large number will bear its fruits", said Behrami.