Drita's sports director and two others are banned for 48 hours

Zymberi waves

Zymberi waves

Drita's sports director, Valon Zymberi, and two others were detained for 48 hours on Thursday on suspicion of participating in a fight in a cafe in the city of Gjilan. This is what the Kosovo Police in Gjilan announced on Thursday for TIME.

"We confirm that the three suspects who participated in this case have been detained for 48 hours by the State Prosecutor's Office," says the response from the Kosovo Police in Gjilan.

KOHA learns that in addition to Zymberi, the measure of prohibition has also been imposed on FR and I.SH.

In fact, Drita's loss to Prishtina in the semi-finals of the Cup on Wednesday was not easy for the Gilana team. The "Intellectuals" fans have expressed their anger after the match. There were also many tensions inside the field, while the police intervened.

But that was not the end of it all. After the match, it was confirmed that Zymberi had a physical conflict with one of the leaders of the "Intellectuals" fans in a city cafe, for which he was arrested together with two others.