Albanians with a referee in Euro 2024, Zogaj in the Swiss team

Germany 2024

Bekim Zogaj will be officiating at the "Germany 2024" European Football Championship.

The 44-year-old bird will be at such a big football event for the first time.

UEFA on Tuesday selected the referees for Euro 2024, while Zogaj is part of the Swiss Sandro Schaerer's team, as a referee.

For the first time since 2010, Switzerland has a team of referees at a major football event. Stephane De Almeida is Schaerer's other assistant. Switzerland also has a VAR referee.

"We are happy that Sandro's continued work  Schaerer and his team are paying off", said Dani Wermelinger, head of referees in the Swiss football federation.

"They have invested a lot and have recommended themselves with continuous good performances at the national and international level," added the official of the Swiss federation.

Zogaj has been directing elite matches of Switzerland and European cups for a long time.

Now it will be presented in the European, the very followed event.