Besa Famgas shows strength before the final tournament of the Cup

Besa Famgas

The reigning champion of Kosovo in handball, Besa Famgas, has shown strength before the final tournament of the Cup and the playoffs.

On Saturday, in the last round of the regular season in the Super League, Besa won against Kastriot in Ferizaj with a convincing result, 36:26. Besa has completely dominated for the next victory.

Mursel Mehmeti stood out with many saves, while Olsi Mulaj had eight goals. Lulzim Shabani was the most efficient in Kastrioti, also with eight goals.

Besa ends the regular season in second place with 48 points. Kastrioti starts in the playoffs from the third position. He has 36 points. These two teams meet in the semi-finals of the playoffs.

But first, next weekend in Peja is the final tournament of the Cup. The semifinals of the Cup are Besa Famgas - Rahoveci, Trepça - Kastrioti.

In the framework of the 28th round, namely the last, Vushtrri defeated Vellazni with a score of 31:26 on Sunday. Monday is the Prishtina-Trepça match.

In handball, the penultimate round took place, namely the 17th. The leader, Ferizaj, did not allow surprises by winning 49:26 against Kastriot.