Llapi warns FFK: We will not go to the field if Kastrati refers us

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Llapi has also issued a communiqué regarding the weekend match against Dukagjin in Klinë. Llapi reacted to the referee Visar Kastrati, whom he called a "shame".

The Llapjans consider that Kastrati did not give a penalty for them, while they wrote that "Burim Jahmurataj and Fatlum Jashari were sleeping in VAR".

For Kastrati, Llapi estimates that he made a scandalous judgment and the worst in Kosovar football.

"We warn FFK that we don't care how the referees will be delegated in the next round, but the moment Visar Kastrati is delegated in our next matches in this championship, we will not go on the field at all. Then let the FFK, the Competition Commission and the people who are competent for the delegation of judges bear the responsibility for our not appearing on the field", writes Llapi in the communique.