Uncle: We continue our journey, the victory was not easy

Ilir Daja - coach of the Balkans

Ilir Daja - coach of the Balkans

The coach of the Balkans, Ilir Daja, was happy with the victory in the trip to Feronikeli 74 on Saturday during the day. 

He said that the victory came with many difficulties, but the important thing is that Suharekas continue their journey towards another title. 

"We had chances to take the result to a lead of two or three goals. In the second half we came out of our game. How did the mandatory substitutions we had to make seem to have affected. The important thing is that we continue the journey and getting the three points here is not easy. Even Feronikeli had the objectives to avoid the tie zone. Feronikeli did everything in the second half and left spaces behind. Of course, we had luck with us and at some moments the game could even be equalized", said coach Daja after the match for "ArtMotion". 

Balkan won 2:0 in the trip to Feronikeli 74.