"Jacquemus" shows the latest collection at the Castle of Versailles

With his latest show at the Chateau de Versailles, Simon Porte Jacquemus has joined the big leagues. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid hit the runway on Monday in front of 150 guests who arrived to watch the show from tiny umbrella boats.

Part of the guests were Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Monica Bellucci and others.

The country is rich in fashion history and Jacquemus is now a part of it. The Battle of Versaille fashion show in 1973 marked a turning point for the industry, and megabrands Dior and Chanel have staged their own amazing shows there in the past. For Jacquemus, a 14-year-old brand was not easy to get to Versailles.

Jacquemus, who is known for his determination, managed to convince the country after months of negotiations. He saw the upcoming deal as a way to gain a new audience for his brand.

"My brand is associated with youth, I think that's why Versaja decided to have me and build a relationship with the brand," he told Vogue.

Jacquemus is growing and the show in Versailles comes at a time when the brand is reaching many destinations.

According to the brand, sales exceeded 200 million euros last year, up from around 100 million euros in 2021, and it now employs 250 people. The brand aims to reach 2025 million euros in 500.

"Jacquemus" has already become a megabrand.

At Monday's show, a new bag called "Le Calino" was introduced, through which they are targeting a new clientele.

Monday's show was called "Le Chouchou" taking inspiration from some of Princess Diana and Marie Antoinette's looks.

The collection included dramatic sleeves and thread-style hoods, and three wedding dresses closed the show in blue, white and red, the colors of the French flag.