"Bill Gates is to blame" satirical retrospective

It is a kind of rebellion against the co-founder of the world company "Microsoft", Bill Gates, insults are thrown, accusations and criticism are thrown. Many times in the show it is mentioned that "...Bill Gates is to blame", when there are many conspiracy theories about the situation with isolation as a measure to prevent the spread of the pandemic four years ago. Undivided are the explicit expressions in the show "Bill Gates is to blame".

Aggressiveness comes as a result of their aggravated condition. Temperament is permanent. The play's playwright and director, Shpëtim Selmani, puts them at odds with every detail and theme.

When talking about the conspiracy theories, that Bill Gates is to blame for the pandemic, they are not avoided because of the suspicions of placing the chip in the human body through the administration of the anti-Covid vaccine. This part reinforces the rifts of the married couple in the play that premiered on Monday night at the "Oda" theater.  

They are influenced by everything they hear. There is a fear that they will be some of a part of people that "will not be taken to the planet Mars" to be saved. They insult and curse Bill Gates, referring to him as the author of all events.

"The paranoia, the strange things that come all the time, through this we bring the created state faster. Everything was done because of the isolation and the fear of what will happen that we thought would last for two weeks, which is also mentioned in the text, but it turned out to be even more. When people said it would last two years it seemed unbelievable. These paranoias and everything that seems unbelievable comes as a result of isolation".

Actor Dukagjin Podrimaj pon the theme of the show "Bill Gates is to blame", he said that it goes beyond the pandemic.

"The show does not only deal with the pandemic, but also with married life, and with the external factors that affect a couple or a human relationship, whatever it is. It is not a long time ago and we are still feeling the consequences of the fact that remote work has become very present. It is a big impact of the pandemic even today".

The play's playwright and director, Shpëtim Selmani, puts them at odds with every detail and theme.

"It's a text about a married couple in the time of the pandemic, its impact, the conspiracy, the isolation, the anxiety, the paranoia, all of which have produced some kind of not so pleasant effect during the pandemic. It has been a topic that has had the same influence on everyone, it has put people in waters that they have not been in before, about what is happening with this situation. "Even now we don't know where the origin of that state of isolation came from," said the director and author of the show.

Shaqja, with all the contradictions of the struggle for survival, also reveals the hopes and love of two insecure characters under their shelter.

Criminality in the country is also discussed. They become paranoid about everything around them. Prejudices are also for artists that they pretend to be liberal, but are extremely conservative.