The book with the memories of the deportees in Macedonia is promoted

While the train in the "Bllaca 1999" memorial complex stands as a symbol of the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Albanians to Macedonia in 1999, the stories of that journey have been missing. On Wednesday, in the days when the 25th anniversary of the waves of Kosovo Albanian refugees is marked, the book "Bllaca '99 - Experiences of those forcibly expelled by the Serbian forces" was promoted.

Organized by the Association for the Return of Albanians Displaced from Their Lands, the ceremony held at the border promoted the publication of dozens of stories about the days of late March and early April 1999. Citizens of various professions, journalists and diplomats wrote about the days when the forces of NATO bombarded Serbian targets while Albanians were infiltrated en masse by the Serbian regime.  

Those present near the memorial of the Memorial Center said that the past should be documented.

MP Besnik Tahiri said that it is up to historians and academics to write what happened.

According to the chairman of Hani Elezit, Mehmet Ballazhi, the Memorial Center is now an international address.

As for the historian Hakif Bajrami, Albanians must work for the future, but must also remember the past.

In April 2021, the Memory Wall was promoted in this center. Through a 2019 decision, 100 euros were allocated for the initial phase of establishing the center. The means at that time were separated from the state reserves.