"Young Pianist" finds talents

The local pianists in the association "Bell'Arte Kosova" had joined in 2008 for an initiative which came as a continuation of the "Talents Meetings of Kosovo" organized by the now deceased composer, Fahri Beqiri. As initial formations, these events were dedicated to different sections of classical music, but the "Young Pianist" festival came exclusively for the piano and young talents.   

In the 16th edition, for three days, it offered the participants space for advancement in piano with the cooperation with the jury, in addition to the competitive nature. The final night, Wednesday night was finalized with the award ceremony.

Emanuel Turhani from Albania received the main prize "Young Pianist", who will perform with the Philharmonic next year at the DAM Festival. The first prize went to Klaudia Gjini, also from Albania, while the second prize went to Yll Haliti and the third to Lir Hajrizi, both from Kosovo.

With an already consolidated tradition, 140 children competed for the "Young Pianist" award, divided into 11 categories according to age groups. Competitors from Kosovo and Albania dominated.

Composer Valton Beqiri has assessed the festival as a good and necessary opportunity for new piano talents, who at the same time shared the incentive prize.  "Fahri Beqiri" for  Diell Paşan, the youngest participant in this edition.

"Really  I think that  young instrumentalists probably have an additional motivation to keep playing music, because these motivate especially those who win awards, even though the awards are not relevant, what matters is the participation, networking, listening to each other, seeing the competition theirs, and naturally this motivates them to dedicate themselves to music. Thus this festival fulfills its mission of discovering talents in addition to the competition, who later take part in various concerts and recitals around the world. It is a continuation of the work of an institution, what talent competitions were like 20-30 years ago".

For Vlora Barut, director of the Festival, beyond the challenges, this year has been special in terms of symbolism as it has been dedicated to the 16th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence, but also to another date.

"This year we thought of being dedicated to the 16th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence, both as a state holiday and as a celebration of the young pianist. We had a certain date that was held in June, but this year we decided to start on March 25 and end on March 28, when the international piano day is celebrated".

The jury was composed of the pianist from Kosovo, Lule Elezi, the president of the jury, Nadjezhda Porodini Jole and Kristina Petrollari Laço from Albania.

For the pianist Lule Elezi, this festival, beyond the competitive character, represents an overview of the enthusiasm of young people for the piano.

"It was really a beautiful piano marathon. Together with my two colleagues in the jury, no  We didn't have it easy at all, it was talent  wonderful and I believe  a lot in their future and why we had to evaluate them somehow and I think we have worked with more dedication in this direction".

Nadjezhda Porodini Jole, who was part of the jury in the 15th edition of the festival, has evaluated this edition for the professional aspect and the talent of the participating children.

"I am happy to be part of this jury for the second time, I was also in the 15th edition two years ago, and I am very pleased to return to see a wonderful change, a fantastic participation, a serious work and qualitative. A very beautiful game of students that is never done alone, but is done under the guidance of their teachers".

Even this edition managed to give a very important experience in the development of professional pianists in addition to supporting young people.