December brings a new spirit to the music scene

Djetori, whose real name is Endrit Krasniqi, got together with some of his friends to form a band with the same name, in July 2023. The music that Djetori makes is identified with pop and indie currents, while the debut with the album of five songs he did on October 13 of last year. Together with the pianist Adonis Aliu, they gave a performance to the public gathered in an environment surrounded by books and gramophone records. The duo gave the audience heartwarming moments by performing the five original songs of December, part of the debut album called "Once upon a star".

His charisma begins already in the style of clothing and interpretation, which is also present in his first video clip entitled "Pantollat", with lyrics by Bekim Këpuska, published a few hours before the acoustic performance. For the public, he also revealed the album with five songs, which one after the other transmitted sensitivity and emotion both in the same interpretation and in content.

"The album is something that Adonis and I have been working on for three years, since high school when we started making music together, he wrote the melodies. We wrote songs, finished the EP in four months, there are 5 original songs. It is a short album, somewhere around 16 minutes, suitable for a journey to school or college. You can plug in your headphones and listen to the album in one go."

Artists usually show their creativity challenged by the rendered emotional states and the same seems likely for December for whom this album serves as an overview of a difficult period for him.

"It is a concept, each song is related to each other, each name of the song goes with the other, it is a procedure that starts from love for that person, suffering until passing that state of suffering".

As a young artist he is still searching for the creation of his artistic identity, which is currently more characterized by pop music influences, but he is open to experimenting with other styles in his next albums.

The album "Once upon a star" was written during three years of high school, while the music was composed by Adonis Aliu.

"I was the one who pushed Endrit to bring out the best of what he was able to write about his experience, from which the album came out. I focused more on composition and instrumental as well as song production".

December's presentation with five songs started with "Hopeless", to continue with "Lose you again" and "Rather die", while the latter chose to perform the song entitled "Move on", which was followed by a lot of applause and ovations, which he called in a pause that would pave the way for the interpretation of songs by international artists.

Present in support of Djetori in this acoustic evening was the artist Genc Salihu, who highly appreciated the talent of the artist.

"December has a golden voice, is a natural singer, someone who captures the audience immediately. The first time I heard him I was in tears, he is a guy who has singing and music performance inside him. In whatever context you listen to it, it's always exciting, I've heard it with a band, acoustic, just with guitar. We can always discuss the level of professionalism, but his voice, the way he performs, and absolutely his stage charisma always brings the audience. He is one of the truest singers that Pristina has ever had!"

This evening serves as a testament to the emerging talent in the local music scene. Djetori's performance, accompanied by Adonis Ali's amazing piano skills, left an impact on the audience and was an indication of the potential of this young artist in Pristina.