"Rebounds..." fuses the game of basketball with ballet

After the classic "Nutcracker", the National Ballet of Kosovo has returned to contemporary performances. "Rebounds: A BasketBallet" has been beyond ballet. The movements of the troupe, the stage and the costumes lead to the gymnasium of an imaginary play. The choreography of Friederike Lampert and Jochen Roller from Germany has a game that combines ballet and basketball.

The troupe had to improvise this time in the style of the show and in the space. The show is adapted to the conditions of the Youth Palace Atelier. It is now the address for many state cultural institutions.

The sounds of the saxophone, performed by the American-Swiss composer and saxophonist Ohad Talmor, preceded the performance of the ballet troupe. When the dancers head for the podium, it becomes the site of playful confrontations. Some indicate that they are players and others in leadership and management positions. They set rules. Some give instructions and some interrupt the game.

In some cases, the game of dancers becomes just a game of basketball. Covering opponents, dribbling the ball while accompanying the sound of his crashes to the floor adds effect to the experience of a basketball game. The structure of the choreography also includes classical ballet. Choreographers have done both together, creating what they considered "basketballs".

The German choreographer Friederike Lampert has said that they have summarized the most popular movements of the game to make the choreography more attractive.

"We tried to combine the choreography in terms of the popularity of the movements. It's a parallel between dancing in a basketball game and ballet. We have tried to equalize them, merge them and create something new. It is actually an imaginary game of basketball. We have mixed two words as a new word".

Rehearsals for the show had started on January 9.

The other choreographer of the show, the German Jochen Roller, has said that it conveys the behind-the-scenes scenes of a basketball game.

“The show follows the structure of a basketball game. There are the quarters of the game and the breaks between them. It has the similarity of ballet and basketball. The goal was to expose them".

Contemporary music in accompaniment has been the illustration of the performer's game. On stage, the dancers enjoy electronic music and there are also the rhythms of Latin music. The music of the show was performed by the American-Swiss saxophonist Ohad Talmor.

"I put it all together to make it sound like a real game. The short pauses, the ones that separate the pieces, each have a different feel. I live next to a basketball gym and I tried to recreate this part in the best way."

The ballet "Rebounds: A BasketBallet" also reflects the chaos of society. Dancers often become spectators. It includes all the details of a match, including crowd fights and cleaning the floor. From basketball players, during rest breaks, the performers become ballerinas with entertaining performances.

The dancer Sead Vuniqi has said that the show was different from the others they have held, both contemporary and classical. He said that with this performance, the public had the opportunity to be closer to the troupe.

"The process went very well. We have known the choreographer for a long time, as this is the second collaboration. We have a very good relationship with them. They are understandable, they know the situation with which we are being challenged as cultural institutions. Everything went well, we tried to give our best to make the show go as it should".

The director of the Ballet, Sinan Kajtazi, has described the show as refreshing for the dancers, after the engagement with "The Nutcracker" that was premiered at the end of December. He said that they plan to send the show "Rebounds: A BasketBallet" to stages abroad.

"A very innovative show, with a dimension we are not used to creating like this. Such are the choreographers Friederike and Jochen with whom we work for the second time. We worked on the first show in 2017 and it was a great success in Kosovo and in Berlin and Hamburg. It's the same with this show. Apart from Pristina, we have plans to show it in Zurich and Hamburg".

The National Ballet of Kosovo will also appear on stage alongside the troupe of the Kosovo Opera for the staging of Rauf Dhomi's "Goca e Kaçaniku", which will be premiered on February 23.