50 million euro Opera House

Less than a month since the public call for the Opera and Ballet Theater failed due to the violations of the Ministry of Culture, this institution has reopened the call for the design of this building. To the call for an ideological and detailed project for greater capital investment in culture that the state aims for, MKRS has this time added an important detail: the sum of 50 million euros. The building is expected to take place behind the Palace of Youth and Sports. In the call, it is clarified that the designers must calculate to prepare a project for which the state intends to invest this amount. While the reopening of the tender is good news for the institutions, one of the participants in the previous competition criticized the approach of MKRS.

Architect Bekim Ramku has criticized MKRS. He, together with international collaborators, had applied in the previous competition. He had taken third place. He said that after a protracted and discredited process, it is surprising how MKRS decides to re-announce this tender. According to him, as in the preliminary procedure and in this procedure, MKRS has a corrupt tendency. According to him, the deadline for submitting the projects, which in this case is 40 days, clearly shows the frivolity of the competition.

"They give indications that either there has been a pause in concessions for cooperation or readiness for something like that. I can't believe that the procurement office and all the staff who work there are so ignorant to manage a process so badly".

The director of the Kosovo Philharmonic, Baki Jashari, has said that it is a promising step. According to Jashari, the mention of the amount that is planned to be invested shows that the goal is a very comfortable building.

The Ministry of Culture has planned for this competition to be completed at a cost of 2.5 million euros. This was foreseen in the Budget Law of 2023. This year, 2.7 million were foreseen.

In 2019, the Ministry of Culture developed a similar process, with an international competition, but without an epilogue. On December 2, 2009, the foundation stone was laid for this building near the Technical Faculty, where it was planned to build the opera and ballet theater "Dr. Ibrahim Rugova". From that time until today, no explanation has been given as to how the 1 million and 12 thousand euros went for the design of the project and the start of the first phase of the works.