Poetic festival with tribute to the power of verse

Poetry, as the most refined form of artistic expression, transcends the limits of being just a beautiful composition of words. It plays an important role in preserving and transmitting language and identity.

The Poetic Festival of Pristina has been promoting the importance of poetry for two years now.

At the opening of the second edition, the role of poets for society was appreciated above all. Moderated by the poet Donika Dabishevci, the second edition, despite being a celebration space for literature, opened with a tribute to the poet Adem Gashi, who died on January 16 at the age of 70.

His figure was honored and highly appreciated by Dabishevci, as space was given to the reading of Gashi's poems by actor Nimon Muçaj accompanied by music by Astrit Stafai. The space of the "Termokiss" social center breathed with his poetry. Several videos with Adem Gashi reading some of his poems were shown on the screen, materials newly produced within the program of the "ObserverKult" portal. His friend the writer Emin Emini also paid tribute to him, who expressed his appreciation for Gashi's activity full of emotion.

"Adem Gashi is the author who entered strongly, and without knocking at the gates of contemporary Albanian literature, and his name will remain as a powerful poetic voice and among the most important for the uniqueness of the creative profile in the history of this literature. ".

Intermexo through the instrumental on the guitar followed with the song "Në Shkodër t vish", a worthy match with the atmosphere that was characterized by love, admiration and compassion.

The son of the late poet, Dardan Gashi, an actor, took the floor, thanking the organizers of the Poetic Festival of Pristina, for the honor that was given to his father's figure at the opening of this edition, while also sharing an anecdote.

"My father often quoted my grandfather, he said that my father left me a word, and my father left me a dozen poems and books to always remember him".

Donika Dabishevci, before concluding this first part of the opening evening, invited the attendees to honor Adem Gashi together with 1 minute of applause instead of silence.

After the tribute, the way was opened for a discussion that brought together the literary views of well-known Albanian poets, Rita Petro and Dije Demiri Frangu, then also Ag Apolloni and Ahmet Selmani.

Rita Petro, a poet from Albania, shared her views on poetry as she praised initiatives such as this festival.

"Poetry is what lifts your heart, gives you imagination, expands the spaces of your soul and mind. Holding a poetry festival seems like a luxury, but what is more beautiful than equating luxury with poetry, because it is exactly the luxury of the soul. So this organization and the invitation you gave me, I felt very honored to be part of this festival with all my colleagues, other poets, but also the combination not only of poetry but also of critical texts and studies that is done as forum, is something very good and that brings richness to the cultural life of Pristina, which I appreciate a lot because it gives great importance to literature and art in general".

Given the fact that this edition of the festival started with a tribute to a poet who is no longer alive, Petro did not hesitate to share her evaluations of the figure of Adem Gashi.

"Adem Gashi did not write sitting down and thinking about what verse to write to surprise the reader, on the contrary, his poetry is poetry of feeling, poetry of the soul, as well as an appreciation for the spiritual and physical beauty of women, which when said by a poet for us women is a great pleasure, and as soon as he heard those verses, an emotional atmosphere was created that deserved the figure of Adem Gashi, with which the festival opened".

Even Ag Apolloni, a writer from Kosovo, sees the Poetry Festival of Pristina as a very necessary event for the literary scene in the country. He mentioned the challenges of bringing such a festival to life.

"I appreciate it as a continuation of a festival that is trying to create a tradition for poetry and the unfolding of values. Such a festival has many challenges and problems because poetry has a very small group of readers, but it is a festival that Kosovo really needs".

As a good and worthy gesture for the figure of Adem Gashi, he appreciated the tribute that was paid to the poet as the opening of the festival.

"It is a very good gesture that one of the best Albanian poets is being honored. I have known him since I was a student, I have been his friend and I have always valued him as a special and very good poet, he has continuously become a poet and a better one with each volume".

This first night of the Poetic Festival of Pristina, among the emotions and inspiration, left the audience inspired and enthusiastic and for the next two nights with many activities.