Artists from Kosovo are banned as "traffickers" in Albania

Monday morning found the director of the Local Police Directorate in Tirana, Tonin Vocaj, in front of the cameras in a press conference, giving explanations for two police actions and some arrested for trafficking in explosive materials and assembly of explosive devices. According to him, after a "4-month investigative work" and "using special investigation methods", a criminal group from Kosovo, which was trafficking weapons and explosives from Kosovo to Albania, was hit. Among those arrested were three Kosovar citizens and two others are still wanted.

But director Vocaj in the pompous conference did not mention one omission: the detention, arrest and mistreatment of another group of Kosovars, members of the team of the show "The Handke Project", a production of the "Multimedia" Center. After two performances of the show at "Teatro di Rifredi", in Florence on February 2 and 3, on the fourth day of this month, the team landed at "Mother Teresa" airport in Rinas. Then they took the road to Pristina. In the place where the payment for the use of the "Kombi Road" is made, around 00:30 the Police patrols were checking for the alleged capture of members of the wanted criminal group. In one of the cars were three members of the team. In the eyes of the members of the Police, they appeared more than suspicious. They were escorted and held in Kukës for three hours and then in Tirana until morning.

Playwright Jeton Nerizaj has said that they are thinking of not letting this happen at all.

On Monday, KOHA sent questions to the Police Directorate in Tirana, that of Kukes and the Ministry of the Interior of Albania, but did not receive an answer.

Despite this, the public of Florence has received some answers for Peter Handken. "The Handke Project" is a narrative that comes as an accusation through art and has touched many corners of Europe.

In the theater project of the "Multimedia" center together with "Mittelfest" and the Teatr e Toscana, the Theater of Dortmund, the National Theater of Sarajevo and the world-renowned festival of the Bosnian capital, "MESS", Peter Handke conducts a conversation with Joseph Goebbels. The head of Nazi propaganda lectures him on how to deny the crimes and how to question whether they are true. The cast of actors: Arben Bajraktaraj, Anja Drljevic, Adrian Morina, Ejla Bavčić, Klaus Martini and Verona Koxha for about an hour and a half in front of the public debunks the Nobel laureate Handke as a denier of the Serbian genocide in the Balkans. The play explores the theme of whether there are ethical and human limits for a creator. It also indirectly gives answers. "The Handke Project" besides Italy, has also been given in Serbia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and is expected to go to France as well.