"Nutcracker" with the magic of world ballet

Enchanting and magical would be summed up in one word "The Nutcracker" of Kosovo, one of the biggest productions in the world of performing arts as a long tradition of the end of the year holidays. A kind of fairy-tale ritual in the world, historical events in the country. The National Ballet of Kosovo has harmonized with the Philharmonic of Kosovo in the chapter of classical ballet as the "cornerstone" of major productions.

Contrasting with the contemporary ballet previews is the classic "Nutcracker". With it, another level was aimed and the institution was challenged in all aspects. On Saturday at the premiere, the result was impressive.

The "Nutcracker" of Kosovo breathed magically, bringing the royal atmosphere and emotions to every sequence of the choreography and the musical game.

The performance choreographed by Ilir Kerni was a more aristocratic type of performance. It is accompanied by acting that has given operatic colors to the ballet "The Nutcracker" by the Russian Tchaikovsky.

The character of the Nutcracker, played by the dancer Sead Vuniqi, soon begins to appear. The toy is picked up by Karla, a character played by ballerina Jeta Musolli, and crashes to the ground. Her play at the center of the play presents her in fanatical defense of the toy.

The first act closes with the snow scene, where the Nutcracker transforms into the Prince and takes Clara on a trance-like journey in the snow. This role was played by the Hungarian dancer Nikola Hadjitanev, who was invited for the show.

“My role is that of the Prince who grows up and Clara meets him afterwards. Technically it's very complicated, with a lot of layering and solo parts, but it's one of my favorites."

The second act begins with a battle of an army of mice as a series of entertainment, before reaching the climax in the famous solo part of the role of Princess Sugar, performed by the Hungarian ballerina Marta Petkova. She expressed herself very happy to have been part of the first performance of the ballet for the public in the country.

"I really enjoyed this performance, I felt like a real princess with my role, with a lot of charm, I enjoyed my part. I am very happy to see the hall full of people, which is very important for artists. This means that people in Pristina have this culture, which is very important for the ballet artistic scene".

Dances from different countries with the inclusion of cultures with music and dance have started to take place on the stage of "Nutcracker". Karla is the host and escort of all the soloists who come in small groups on stage with different choreographic points.

Ballerina Jeta Musolli, who played the main role of "The Nutcracker", said that she felt privileged and honored to have been entrusted with the role.

"It has been a really intense few weeks with a strong dynamic, fatigue, emotion and extremely high intensity. I felt extremely good tonight, the audience was also satisfied tonight. This is what is important for us, because all the others are forgotten later."

From the beginning it was clear that the "Nutcracker" requires perfection, precise and challenging movements.

Choreographer Ilir Kerni has expressed himself very satisfied with the final performance before the public, he has assessed the performance of "Nutcracker" as a historic moment.

"The setting of 'Nutcracker' here in Kosovo I think is a historic moment for the culture of Kosovo, and I think it is a privilege for the capital, Pristina, to have this performance in its repertoire and to join all the capitals where it is already taking place , in the month of December on the occasion of the holidays. At this point, I am very happy that I was the first to lay a foundation stone in terms of cooperation between all sectors, including orchestra, ballet, technique, lighting".

The movements of the dancers have mainly been closely related to the minimalist sounds played by the Philharmonic Orchestra. He also considered the premiere of "The Nutcracker" a historic moment.

"That was the reason why I returned to Kosovo for this show. I think the people in Kosovo are wonderful and strong. I adore this powerful mentality to build something from nothing and make it so beautiful. It inspired me so much and I wanted to give something from my experience as a musician. I really feel that this country wants to do something great and I was happy to do my part."

The show's costume designer was Elva Bella, while the scenography was created by Vesa Kraja. The choreographer's assistant was the ballerina Rovena Shqevi.

The inclusion of the children's choir "Okarina" under the direction of Elikona Hysaj in a part of the vocal interpretation was also a fabulous accompaniment.

The magic of the "Nutcracker" was also brought on Sunday night in the first and last episode.