The "enemy" of the war also in Kosovo, comes in search of peace

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"Enemy" basically has the notion of peace in relation to current and past conflicts. The public with such experiences easily finds itself there, as well as in Pristina. But the country's past itself is one pillar from which the narrative of the performance is built. "The Enemy", with "A peace conference" as a subtitle, asks exactly about peace. A paradoxical path where the traumas of war are faced, instead of words, through cries and breathing. She leaves the audience to perceive the performance for themselves while memories and experiences of the past are stirred up.

A research project by Frenchmen Mélodie Lasselin and Simon Capelle in all the countries of Europe from 2019 to 2022 preceded the performance. The mosaic of stories, narratives, past and present is fused into performance art. The goal: to create a work for peace and to shake the image of the enemy figure.