Discovering temporality in the journey through existence

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As a community with a multitude of artistic expressions, the exhibition "Existence in the Temporal" comes intertwined with the various threads of human existence. Curated by Bora Kelmendi-Beqiraj and organized by "Expoart.40" within the 11th edition of "Net/Rjet", this exhibition is an exploration that delves into the subtle complexity of the temporary nature of existence. Opened in the space of the "Centre for Narrative Practice", where the physical walls were simply overcome, the exhibition houses the enigmatic creations of eleven artists coming from different countries and from different fields of artistic expression - ranging from architectural finesse, audiovisual symphonies, thought-provoking installations, to nuanced strokes of figurative art.

In the curator's view, the beauty of the exhibition open on Monday evening lies in its ability to adapt to the unique objective of each visitor. It creates an experience that invites individual interpretations, beckoning each to navigate the corridors of their own perceptions.