"Escort" with the weight of the moment that transforms life

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It is a dynamic thriller, with many events, but at its core it gives weight to the moment or an action that has the power to give life a powerful turn. In the case of "Escort", the life span is changed for the worse. The main character's life is alienated and turns into a constant effort to get him back on track. The co-production between the three Balkan states - Croatia, North Macedonia and Kosovo - has come with a story like this in Pristina, at the 15th edition of the international film festival, "PriFest". On Friday night, at "Kino Armatë", the public was introduced to the dark world of the underground, as a warning of the consequences of diving into it. The show was preceded by a warning from the co-producer of the actor from Kosovo, Fatmir Spahiu, that the film is for audiences +18.

The Kosovar premiere follows that of July of this year at the Film Festival in Pula, Croatia, which this year marked the 70th edition.