"Mitrovica Guitar Days" is tuned with world stars in the fifth edition

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There are four concerts, prominent guitar names, passion and enthusiasm at the level and "Mitrovica Guitar Days" is ready for another edition. Marcin Dylla of the world's stages will open, guitarist-phenomenon Aniellio Desiderio returns to Kosovo, Agron Peni Trio changes its colors a bit, and the closing is a fusion of cultures. "We have reached a point where the festival has now taken the steps, let's say international...", said Anisa Suhodolli-Mujka, coordinator of "KosovaArs", which organizes "Days..." and there is a reason for this.

For the organizers of an event that brings together world and local guitarists in Mitrovica "the closer the date gets, the more the temperature rises". The approaching date is September 19. Event: "Mitrovica Guitar Days". The program has already been revealed, the names of the participating artists as well, the goal is already known, the difficulties have been overcome and the enthusiasm is at its peak.