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Russian coach: Serbs are our brothers, Mirlind Daku should be removed from Russia

Mirlind Daku - Euro 2024

Mirlind Daku after the match with Croatia

The Russian football coach, Alexander Tarkhanov, has given his opinion regarding Mirlind Daku's calls after Albania's match with Croatia.

Daku is a striker for the Russian team Rubin Kazan. He insulted Serbs and Macedonians. UEFA punished him with a two-game suspension, while Rubin Kazan announced the punishment of the footballer as well.

But Tarkhanov says that maybe Daku should be removed from Russia completely.

"I think Daku will be seriously punished. Serbs are our brothers and our friends, they cannot be offended. He should be punished financially and possibly removed from the team and from Russia. He has not said anything against Russia, but footballers have no right to interfere in politics and say such things. Let's see what decision Rubini will take", said Tarkhanov for "".

Tarkhanov has coached many teams in Russia. The 69-year-old has a long career in football. Among other things, he was the coach of CSKA Moscow.

Russian media have tried to talk to Dak after UEFA's decision. But Daku refused to answer.

Meanwhile, Mirlind Daku's father, Fehmiu, spoke. 

"The sentence could have been conditional, since Mirlindi apologized. But we respect UEFA's decision. I will advise my son to never repeat the mistake. I want him to be an example on the field and off it", said Fehmi Daku for the Russian website "Sport24".

The former captain of Rubin Kazan, Andrei Fedorov, has said that the punishment by UEFA will be a lesson for Dak.

"The situation will be a lesson for him. Going to such a big tournament and getting disqualified. And nobody did anything to him", said Fedorov. 

Former Russian football referee Igor Fedotov has said that Dak's two-match ban is small. 

Another former Rubin Kazan player, Alexander Prudnikov, said that if Daku plays well and scores ten goals, everyone will forget the incident and remember only the goals.

The general director of Rubin Kazan, Alexander Aibatov, has emphasized that the relations between Dak and the Serbian players of the team will continue to be warm. There are a lot of Serbs in Rubin Kazan.

"I think there will be no conflicts between them. The reports were and are warm. I think Daku is also worried about the situation. But I also think that there will be no conflicts. Maybe Daku did not understand the situation and acted on emotions", said Aibatov.

The Russian media continues to write a lot about Daku's case. He is one of the three football players of the Russian championship who appeared in "Euro 2024".