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What is written in UEFA's official decision about Dak?

Mirlind Daku

Mirlind Daku

UEFA has published the official decision for the striker of Albania, Mirlind Daku. The decision was published shortly after the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) announced it.

In the decision of the Ethics and Disciplinary Commission of UEFA, it is stated that Daku committed an unsportsmanlike act after the match against Croatia.

"Suspension for the football player of the Albanian Football Federation, Mirlind Dakun, for the total of two matches organized by UEFA, for which he had the right to play, for failing to implement the general principles of conduct, for violating the rules of conduct , for the use of the sports event for the manifestation of the non-sporting nature as well as for the bad image of football", writes in the UEFA decision.

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Mirlind Daku

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