Euro 2024

Captain Berat Gjimshiti: It seemed that we were in Albania, not in Germany

Berat Gjimshiti

The captain of Albania, Berat Gjimshiti, has expressed surprise by the massive support that the national team received from the Albanian fans in the first match at Euro 2024 in Germany.

Albania were beaten 2-1 by Italy on Saturday in their first Group B match, scoring in the opening seconds, but Italy quickly bounced back.  

"Things happened very quickly at the beginning of the match. I don't know if the early goal with Nedim was positive or negative. It probably did us more harm. We were slow, we didn't press properly. I said we need to make more fouls. I don't know if we committed any fouls in the first half. We should have been more aggressive. In the second half we played a little better. In the first goal the player was uncovered, Italy's second goal was a bit lucky. After that, the Italians gained a lot of confidence and it was not easy for us", said Gjimshiti after the match.

In the stadium of Dortmund, the dominant colors were red and black. Captain Gjimshiti thanked the fans, while he expressed hope that the red and black team will perform for Wednesday's match against Croatia. 

"I was surprised by the support we had. There were flags, the colors red and black. It seemed to me that we are in Albania. There were 80 percent Albanians in the stadium. The atmosphere was fantastic. German journalists told me that the atmosphere was better than when Dortmund play. We thank all the fans for their support. We have to recover as well as possible and we have to be ready in the coming games. Italy has a very strong team, it is the reigning champion", concluded the captain.

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