Euro 2024

Sejdiu: Germany proved that it is a potential candidate to win the European Championship

Gani Sejdiu

The 5:1 victory over Scotland in the opening match of the European Championship "Euro 2024" has proved that Germany is a potential candidate to win the big football competition, coach Gani Sejdiu has assessed.

In KTV's "Interaktiv", Sejdiu said that Germany had a very classy game against Scotland. According to him, the personality shown on the field made Germany dominant and a candidate to win the entire championship.

"Even last night I mentioned him as one of the favorites. I put it in the fourth place in a row, after France, England and Portugal, based on some things because there is a generational change. It's the same transition. He still doesn't have that full national team. It has many qualities, but it is not complete. I was skeptical. But tonight he denied me for good. He put in a fantastic performance, confident, classy and what these teams personify. Personality on the field... And safety on the field makes him a potential candidate to win it. There was a victory against a national team that I expected to be among the surprises. "Germany was dominant and the way it had chosen to win the match was shown in the first minute," he said.

According to Sejdiu, Germany "passed group A with one leg". Hungary and Switzerland are also in this group. 

The football player, Lapidar Lladrovci, said that the triumph in the first game has a very positive effect on the players. He has assessed that "the great victory unites the group a lot and increases confidence so that they enter the next matches with higher confidence and lower pressure".

"Germany has many players who had great success this season. He played a good game and showed a lot of self-confidence", said Lladrovci.

Both expressed optimism about Albania's Saturday match against Italy. They have said that the large presence of fans and the players who play in Serie A can be helpful for success in the opening match of the Rossoneri.