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Blick: Many Swiss in Albania's European team

Berat Gjimshiti

Berat Gjimshiti

The big Swiss newspaper, Blick, wrote on Friday about Albania's players who grew up in Switzerland.

"Many Swiss in Albania's European team", is the title of the article.

Blick wrote that many Albanians from Switzerland will be in Germany to support Albania.

Until Euro 2016, Albania had 12 players with a past in Switzerland, or with roots from Switzerland, as "Blick" writes, now there are half as many. But all are important.

Berat Gjimshiti, who grew up in Zurich, is the captain. Amir Abrashi, Arlind Ajeti, Naser Aliji, Medon Berisha and Nedim Bajrami are also in Albania.

"It is also the seventh who knows Switzerland very well, at least as far as the game is concerned - Taulant Seferi", writes Blick.