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Xhaka admits that he made a mistake after the match with Kosovo

Xhaka granite

Switzerland's captain, Granit Xhaka, had a perfect edition. In an interview for "Blick", Xhaka spoke about the trophies with Leverkusen, the treatment in Switzerland, the urgent statements after the match with Kosovo and many other things.

He was asked if he showed a career best in the last edition.

"I don't compare myself. But I know I did a lot of things right, otherwise a season like this wouldn't be possible. Not only for me, but not for the club either. To remain undefeated in 52 out of 53 games is something that should make us proud", said Xhaka.

He says that as a young man he plays football for fun. During his career, he realizes what can be achieved. 

"And then you start dreaming about titles. And I think that a title, especially abroad, is worth more than a title with Basel", said the 31-year-old.

He elaborated by saying that when he played in Switzerland, Basel was unbeatable. With Basel, he won two titles and a cup. But that success was expected from Basel.

"Last year I moved to a club that was known for failures at the end. Although it has always had special players and good teams, it has not been able to win anything in recent decades. Winning trophies with a club like this is special. The title with Leverkusen is of course more special than winning it with Bayern. Bayern has been guaranteed the title in previous years. If there will be in the future, this remains to be seen", Xhaka emphasized.

Xhaka was also asked about his legacy in football. He emphasized that the titles are part of it. ABOUT

Xhakan trophies are important. But it is also important how the titles are won and the fact that he was on the field from the start in 50 of the 53 games.

"I led the team with my experience and I think I played very well. Everything was perfect at Bayer from day one. With the coach Xabi Alonso, with the teammates, with the mentality".

He is highly regarded in Germany, while he is also appreciated in England where he played for Arsenal.

"I have to do the right things in Switzerland and then everything will be fine", says Graniti with a laugh. "In football, when things go well, you are praised. When things go wrong... it's part of the business, part of the game. I had times in England when things were different. But in the end the fans called my name and wanted me to stay".

"Blick" asked Xhaka about how he is seen in Switzerland. Xhaka has not expressed himself very clearly. He has hinted that he expects better treatment.

"Complicated, that's the best word. It is more complicated in Switzerland than in England and Germany. It's not just about me. There are things that, looking back, I say: I have to take responsibility for that. I am very honest with myself about this. When you say and do certain things, you have to live with the consequences. But that's okay with me. I don't want to just have a quiet life. A little action is part of that."

The unstoppable midfielder mentioned the match with Kosovo. He had criticized the way Switzerland had prepared the match and it had become a big deal. It was considered an attack on the coach of Switzerland.

"The situation after the match with Kosovo comes to mind. I spoke with Murat Yakini afterwards and clarified with him. I realized that I should have presented the criticism differently. Or rather, not to present them at all immediately after the match. It wasn't the moment. The criticism after the match with Kosovo was a mistake".

Xhaka has shown that his relations with the selector Yakin are very good. He says it's part of football that coaches and players don't always agree.

Since Saturday, Xhaka has been leading Switzerland on the field in "Euro 2024".