Euro 2024

De Biasi: Albania stronger than in the past, Italy dangerous when not evaluated

Gianni De Biasi

The former coach of Albania, Gianni de Biasi, believes that Italy will not be easily overlooked in Euro 2024. According to the Italian technician, Albania is stronger than when he led it in Euro 2016.

The match between Italy and Albania is special for De Bias, the Italian who became a hero in Albania when he qualified it for Euro 2016. He has very good memories of the European Championship in France, writes Reuters.

"It was a unique emotion. From the debut against Switzerland, to the match in Marseille against France, lost in the 90th minute, after we hit the post in the second half", said De Biasi.

"Then we scored the first historic victory over Romania in Lyon".

De Biasi left in 2017 and believes he has an impact on where Albania is now. 

"I think I gave a good hand to the development of football in Albania", said De Biasi.

He praises Sylvinho and the team the Brazilian has built.

"Albania has progressed a lot in recent years, from a technical point of view. Sylvinho managed to put together a team full of footballers who play in the best European leagues. The team has a special bond with the coach and the federation has done a great job in the last 10 years. The current team has more quality and more talent than my team. But I think that from the point of view of character and commitment, Albania has earned everyone's respect for the pride with which it faces opponents", says De Biasi.

He also spoke about Italy.

"It is not Italy with a great player, but in difficulties or when the odds are not on their side, Italy becomes very dangerous", says De Biasi.