Elections 2021

Hoxhaj: Kurti is running away from the debate, he is hiding

PDK's candidate for prime minister, Enver Hoxhaj, said the chairman of the Vetëvendosje Movement, Albin Kurti, is someone who ran away from the debate with him.

He said that Kurti is hiding and avoiding the comparison.

According to Hoxhaj, he has no respect for the citizen and does not miss any opportunity to ignore the electorate.

"I have challenged our main opponent, Albin Kurti, to present and debate his program with us. Of course he objected, he is hiding, he is avoiding the comparison. He never misses an opportunity to ignore the citizens. There is no respect for the electorate. Only authoritarian leaders reject debates, only they get the results and elections right before they happen," he said.

Hoxhaj added that "Albin Kurti said that he will not argue with us because he won the elections, but the citizens win the elections, not the politicians. Our task is to tell the citizens our intentions. This is what PDK is doing today. I call on Albin Kurti to review the disrespectful approach to democratic processes, to remove his rhetoric from the population. Mr. Kurti, don't run away from reality, from the debate for the sake of the people", he said.

The PDK presents the economic recovery program

The MP candidate Bedri Hamza has presented the program of this party which according to them is about economic recovery.

Hamza said that the economic recovery and development program will achieve sustainable economic growth, which will range from 5 to 7 percent, giving priority to investments in health, education and scientific research, infrastructure, order and law.

He presented the measures according to which three categories will be supported with the PDK program.

We will support the private sector with the following measures:

1. Over 1 billion euros for recovery

2. There will be additional liquidity for the enterprise, the fund will be established to help our enterprises in the amount of more than 500 million euros (five hundred million euros), in the form of financial support for businesses, which have difficulties to function properly for the year the first, but there will be support for the other years of our government. These funds (non-refundable money) will be given to businesses according to the criteria and conditions specified in the State Budget Law.

3. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo will take over the payments of the interest amount of the borrowing that was received in the commercial banks of Kosovo from the producers who export goods outside of Kosovo, the Enterprises that deal with agribusiness and the processing of agricultural products.

4. Value Added Tax (VAT) will not be paid by the business at the border, as has happened so far, but the collection and payment of VAT will be done within the country. This will have much greater supplementary liquidity for businesses than it has had so far.

5. Corporate Income Tax will be reduced for certain years from 10%, as it was until now, to 8%, 7%, 5% and 0% depending on investments and the number of employees.

6. The capital increase of the Kosovar Loan Guarantee Fund will go up to 100% to support or guarantee various investment projects in the amount of 100% for businesses.

7. Guarantee schemes will be introduced to strengthen the positions of the collateral in loans, while the funds for these schemes will be provided by the state, the issue of the treatment of mortgages and the amount of mortgages that are decided to be taken for loans will be regulated.

8. For each year, a budget line in the amount of 15 million euros will be created in the state budget to financially support through grants (non-refundable) young men and women who have business ideas in the form of self-employment.

We will take care of the social class and pensioners with the following measures:

1. The amount of social assistance will be increased by over 30% for all social assistance beneficiaries.

2. There will be an increase in all types of pension regardless of the pension category and deep reforms for the fair and equal treatment of all retired citizens, including in contributory schemes those citizens who have had obstacles for reasons of absence of 15 years, where the pension will be scaled according to the percentage and years.

3. The following will benefit from the increase in pensions:

i). Pensioners aged ……... 40%,

ii). Contributory pensioners 30%,

iii). War veteran pension …..30%, and

iv). All other pensions in the amount of 30%.

4. The families of martyrs will receive pensions depending on the number of martyred members they have.

5. The issue of pensions will be regulated where old age pensioners will be allowed to be beneficiaries of other pensions where they meet the conditions set by law.

6. Veterans will not have their veteran's pension cut off if they have an employment contract.

7. Pensioners who enjoy basic pensions will not be obliged to choose between which pension to receive, but will receive the age pension and the other pension recognized by law.

8. The VAT rate for foodstuffs for the daily consumption of citizens will be reduced, which will be calculated and paid from eight percent (8%) from the current 18% for the supply of goods and their import in the Republic of Kosovo.

9. Medicines imported and produced in our country will be exempt from VAT.

We will take the following measures to support employees in the private and public sector:

a) The minimum wage will increase from 170 euros, which is now to 300 euros.

b) In agreement with the social partners, the labor legislation with particular emphasis on the labor law which will be reviewed in order to create a quality legal framework for encouraging entrepreneurial activities, reduce the administrative burden of work and ensure dignified working conditions. work with maximum protection of employees and employers.

c) The number of Labor Inspectors will be increased, which number will be sufficient for supervising the implementation of the labor law and protecting the rights of employees.

d) In order to increase salaries in the private sector, and the disposable income of employees for a higher standard of our citizens, we will commit ourselves to companies that increase salaries for their employees to over 500 euros per month , Corporate Income Tax to be from 10% as it is currently, to 5% in our government.

e) Existing salaries will be increased by an average of 30% for all officials in the public sector, through the regulation of the salary law. Adequate job position qualifications will be adjusted according to experience and professional qualifications.