The 208 million project for the railway line Hani i Elezit - Leshak in the loupe of ZKA


The National Audit Office (NAO) has announced that within the 2023/2024 audit season, it is conducting a performance audit for the project "Rehabilitation of the 10 Hani i Elezit Railway Line -

With this audit, it is said that it will be evaluated whether the public enterprise "Infrakos", the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, as well as the Ministry of Economy have been efficient in the management of this project. 

"Due to the importance of this project, the high budgetary implications as well as the delays in the operationalization of this railway line, the audit process will also assess the contracting procedures and other costs", says the announcement of the ZKA.

For the realization of this project, the planned budget is said to be worth over 208 million euros from borrowing and international grants. 

"'Infrakos' has been charged with returning funds and credit interest in the amount of over 7 million euros. The expenses of invoices paid until the end of 2023 reach the value of over 83 million euros. The ZKA assesses that it is of economic and social interest for the country and society to audit the process for the realization of the Project 'Rehabilitation of Railway Line 10 Hani i Elezit - Leshak'", the announcement states.