Kurti: Fairs are important for the development and promotion of the country

Albin Kurti - EXPOKOS fair

Photo: Alban Bujari

At the opening ceremony of the 23rd edition of the EXPOKOS International Fair, it was emphasized that local businesses are growing and production is increasing. According to the data, this year in this fair there is an increase in manufacturing companies, while a decrease in commercial companies.

At the opening ceremony, the prime minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, emphasized that such fairs are important for the development and promotion of the country.

While thanking the diaspora for their contribution to Kosovo, Kurti said that the diaspora is a connecting bridge for direct investment and tourism in Kosovo.

"When I see this name, EXPOKOS, I think of explore Kosovo, which represents a call to explore our beautiful and rich country to discover the territories and businesses. They offer a valuable opportunity for businesses, so that helps businesses move forward in the market. We are witnessing that genuine democracy enables and supports economic development. The growth of our economy in the last three years has been supported by the double growth of foreign investments." , Kurti stated.

The fair will be open tomorrow from 10:00 to 18:00. This edition will continue to cover the energy, construction, mining, machinery and defense and security sectors. / KP