The "Made in Kosovo" platform and corner is launched, Kurti: Foreign investments will be attracted

Kurti at the launch of Made in Kosova

The "Made in Kosovo" platform and corner was launched, which aims to build an international image of Kosovo through diplomatic and consular missions. Through the same, foreign investments are expected to be attracted to Kosovo, as well as enabling local businesses to enter new international markets.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the "Made in Kosovo" platform is not symbolic, but will contain detailed information about ten key sectors of the country, with figures that will serve potential investors in Kosovo.

"This project represents the potential, creativity and activity of our country towards a wide recognition of an international market through our diplomatic and consular missions. A step like the one we have gathered today is a step forward and every step forward adds light to the road that awaits us... Today we unveil the MIK platform which, not coincidentally, means 'Made in Kosovo'. The 'Made in Kosovo' platform is not symbolic but contains detailed information on the ten key sectors of our country, with figures that not only serve potential investors but also show the transparency of our country's governance... The purpose of the platform and the 'Made in "Kosovo' is to build a strong and reliable image of Kosovo by expanding the opportunities for local businesses to enter new markets and attract foreign investments," she said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla, said that through the spread of this initiative, Kosovo will become an important actor on the global stage.
She said that the MIK platform will provide information about Kosovo's main industries, doing business in Kosovo, tourism and export.

"By supporting and spreading this initiative, we will make Kosovo an important actor on the global stage and build together a better future for all our citizens. Our aim is to continue cooperation with all economic odes, associations, businesses as well as local producers and artists, to raise the image of the country in the world to strengthen economic diplomacy and to be a strong competitor in the European market of values ​​through products 'Made in Kosovo'. The MIK platform will provide information about the main industries of Kosovo, doing business in Kosovo, tourism, export, various events as well as other relevant information for our diaspora", she emphasized.

The launch of the "Made in Kosovo" platform was also welcomed by the ambassador of the United States of America, Jeffrey Hovenier.

"The American government's support for the 'Made in Kosovo' platform through support from USAID will create space for something that we who come from the diplomatic corps know is important. Future investors committed to the real Kosovo and provide actionable information on how to invest, how to operate here. Over time through their international investment in trading companies like Agon's will provide even greater opportunities for all Kosovars, and they will also help change this global conversation and global perception of Kosovo. We want to help dispel misconceptions, we want to help the people of Kosovo demonstrate a fundamental truth, that this is a country absolutely filled with dynamic, productive young workers who develop and deliver quality products. up. Those of us who have the privilege of living and working here know this," said Hovenier./KosovaPress/