The government and the opposition criticize the loan agreement for the social housing project

Budget Committee

Photo: Driton Pacharada

The Committee for Budgets, Labor and Transfers, on Wednesday, reviewed the draft law for the ratification of the Loan between the Republic of Kosovo, represented by the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers and the Development Bank of the Council of Europe for the Adequate Social Housing Project.

This project was criticized by members of the government and the opposition, who also criticized the delays in its implementation, and after complaints, at the proposal of the chairman of the Commission, deputy Armend Muja, it has been decided that there will be a discussion of this item on the agenda. and to take into account the requests of all members of the commission.

LDK deputy, Avdullah Hoti, said that apart from the feasibility study, there is no other detailed study for this project.

"Loans are being taken without the necessary preparations and then the deadline for their execution is being postponed. The agreement was approved by the Administrative Council and you signed it in January. Preparations for this project are zero. It is only a feasibility study and beyond that there is no study carried out on the number of social buildings, how much the cost is, how this issue will be addressed", he said.

The Deputy Minister of Spatial Planning, Jeton Raka, has stated that through a grant worth 2 million euros, housing renovations and construction of houses will be done for citizens, depending on the requirements of the municipalities.

"Providing housing for citizens in need, the main objective is social development. We have two key components, adequate social housing, renovations, existing housing, conversion of new social housing. The second component is individual houses, their construction for the lowest income families. The project will be implemented with the municipalities, everything will be transparent, the locations will be identified, after the public call, the municipalities will analyze the project, a grant of 2 million euros that we won", declared Raka.

Additional information was also requested by the deputy of power, Eman Rrahmani, who stated that he cannot support this project if the exact destination of the buildings and other important information is not known.

"There is no exact destination. I want to know how many buildings will be built in Deçan, how many in Pristina. Will the apartments be collective or scattered", he added.

Deputy Minister Raka stated that the municipalities have filled out a form and have shown more or less how much they are ready for this project.

After the criticism he received from the members of this Commission, Reka emphasized that politics should not be done with sensitive categories, 

"The project will be implemented in municipalities. Everything will be transparent, the locations will be identified and after the public call the municipalities will analyze the project. According to the Law, municipalities have the responsibility to draw up reports for the three-year programs for social housing. There are around 17 municipalities that have these programs. "The program has expired for 7 of them, three municipalities only have it as a draft, while 10 municipalities have not drawn up a program at all", he added.

Deputy Duda Balje said that there are many requests from the citizens because each family differs from the other in terms of its needs. Balje has stated that many of the citizens may not have their land and how their house will be built when there is a lack of property./EO