The capital and the Ministry of Infrastructure with an agreement on "traffic relief"

Liburn Aliu, Progress Rama

Photo: EO

The Municipality of Prishtina and the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (MMPHI) have signed a memorandum of cooperation in the amount of 1.5 million euros. By means of this agreement "the aim is to relieve traffic in the Capital".

According to the agreement, the capital will benefit from four projects. 

The Minister of MMPHI, Liburn Aliu, has said that the Ministry he leads has started signing memorandums with the Municipality of Pristina and that the signing of these agreements will continue with other municipalities as well.

He said that with this signature, the municipality of Pristina has benefited from 4 projects worth 1.5 million euros.

"It was a pleasure that we are starting a cycle of signing memoranda with the municipalities. We are starting with Pristina and with the municipalities in turn. We signed memorandums with Pristina for four projects worth 1.5 million euros, which projects would be related to the civic interest, one project of which is now the railway. All these projects will be of great importance for Pristina. We have other projects that are waiting for us, one of them is the Veternik bridge that connects the two neighborhoods, the hospital neighborhood with the Calabria neighborhood, a road that has to cross Veternik. There we made an agreement where the municipality will do the project and the ministry has allocated 8 million euros and very soon I will start the work to discharge the city", said Aliu.

And the mayor of Pristina, Përparim Rama, has stated that these projects will have a direct impact on the citizens and that they will free up traffic in the capital.

On this occasion, he also mentioned the project of the "ring of the capital", which he said is vital and again requested that the Ministry of Finance sign the allocation of the budget for this project.

He emphasized that even if the Ministry of Finance will not sign, as a municipality they also have the option with the private sector, where this project can be financed through a public-private partnership.

"With the works we are doing in the city, it is moving towards the liberation of transport and traffic. The projects are major for the capital, I wish we continue, for example the 'ring of the capital'. As I mentioned, it is vital for the capital, and when it is vital for the capital, it is vital for all of Kosovo. We are in cooperation in this aspect, we have also talked with the minister about the development of this project as far as possible. It all depends on the Ministry of Finance. We also have other options with the private sector, where we can finance the 'Ring of the Capital City' through a public-private partnership, it is good to have the Minister of Finance sign it and continue the work", he said.

Aliu said about the "capital ring" project that it is an important project for the municipality and that this issue must be resolved in time.

"Regarding the design project of the ring, we have been in constant discussion, looking at the relationship of this ring with other corridors. The issue of finances remained a challenge which should be solved perhaps in time", he said./EO