The works of the queen of Denmark come up for auction

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A 1980s painting by Denmark's recently abdicated queen Margrethe II could fetch more than 100 Danish kroner when it goes up for auction on Tuesday, March 5. In January, the 83-year-old Margrethe officially signed the renunciation of royal power, passing the throne to her popular son, Frederik X.

The works of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark have been featured in several exhibitions, both in Denmark and abroad.

But Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen says it's not every day you get the chance to buy one of them.

This 1988, untitled painting by Margrethe will go up for auction on Tuesday, March 5, a rare opportunity to purchase a work of art by the 83-year-old.

It was a personal gift from Margrethe to a military judge at the time, named Hans Soelvhoej. And it is now owned by his family since he died in 1989.

Margrethe, who was also a talented artist, painted and designed ballet costumes, church vestments and various vessels. She even illustrated a special edition of JRR Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings.

The head of the modern art department at Bruun Rasmussen, Boe-Hauggaard, tells more about the Queen.

"The Queen is a versatile artist. She has worked in many fields of art: book illustration, costumes, stage design, church clothing, drawings and paintings. She's definitely done a lot of work, but none of it was intended for the public market, ever. So only gifts will be released on the market, like this painting".

Boe-Hauggaard describes the painting, an acrylic on canvas, as an "abstract piece" and a "personal impression of nature".

It is estimated to fetch between 75 and 100 Danish kroner when it is sold at Bruun Rasmussen's auction house in Lynbgy, ten kilometers north of central Copenhagen.

The painting will be auctioned on Tuesday, March 5, as part of Bruun Rasmussen's sale of modern paintings, sculptures and sketches.

Boe-Hauggaard says the untitled painting of Queen Margrethe is expected to pique interest among art lovers.

"I think all the great reverence and respect for the queen has influenced the way she has seen art. We anticipate a lot of interest in such an auction, given the rarity of her works being sold. And indeed, when will the next painting come up for auction? We cannot say. We don't know either."

Margrethe is the first Danish monarch to voluntarily abdicate in nearly 900 years.

Citing health issues, Margrethe announced on New Year's Eve that she would step down, surprising an entire nation that had expected her to live out her days on the throne, as is tradition in the Danish monarchy.