South Korea is added to the itinerary of the Kosovo Ballet around the world

While the country is challenged by a lack of infrastructural conditions, the list of world cities that the National Ballet of Kosovo will visit is long. New York and Lisbon are joined by Seoul, South Korea, where the Ballet will participate in the "Cheonan World Dance Festival", which will be held from September 25 to 29. "Of course, every international appearance is important for the BKK, but also for the art of our country in general. The creation of new bridges of cooperation with the world is very good for the development of the cultural scene in our country", said the director of BKK, Sinan Kajtazi.

The National Ballet of Kosovo has been proving its potential for a long time, even though it has recently been forced to improvise with contemporary performances due to infrastructural conditions. South Korea becomes the next stop to be added to the Ballet's itinerary of presentations abroad. In September, it will be presented as part of the dance festival "Cheonan World Dance Festival", which will be held from September 25 to 29.

With the beginning of the activities this year, the Ballet had also revealed the plans for the international stages. After the contemporary show "Rebounds: A Basketball" choreographed by Friederike Lampert and Jochen Roller last month, the director of the Ballet, Sinan Kajtazi, announced that they had received an invitation to participate from a festival in Korea. On Thursday, the institution made the invitation public.

Kajtazi has shown that participation in the Festival is of a presentation nature. According to him, this event is important to create opportunities for cooperation with the international scene.

"Of course, every international appearance is important for the BKK, but also for the art of our country in general. Creating new bridges of cooperation with the world is very good for the development of the cultural scene in our country. We will have performances of a presentation nature, but the festival is multidimensional, so it includes many genres of dance and of course there are also those of a competitive nature", said Kajtazi.

Until September, when the Ballet will unfold its work for the first time in South Korea, it will also bring several new performances. Also, there are several stations abroad. Currently, the institution is working on the show "Tango Nights" in collaboration with the American choreographer Chiara Ajku, which will be premiered in New York, at the "Theater at St. Jean", on May 31, while the reruns will be on June 1 and 2. Tickets are on sale.

The National Ballet has also announced the date for the next performance that will premiere in Pristina on June 27, while it will be presented for the first time in Lisbon, Portugal at the theater "Cine Teatro D. João V. in Amadora", on July 27 .

The performance on the stage of the Korean festival is preceded by these performances, which expand the repertoire of the institution, which has time to select what narratives it will explore through the troupe.

"We are in the process of defining the show, which will be presented at the festival in question. I believe that it will be all the dancers involved in the show, which will travel to South Korea", said Kajtazi in a written response to KOĖN.

According to the announcement of the National Ballet of Kosovo, attached to the invitation sent, it is written that "the invitation to participate in this prestigious festival proves once again the work and dedication of the BKK to promote the cultural values ​​of our country, all over the world!" .

"On behalf of the 'Cheonan Festival Committee', it is our pleasure and honor to invite your group to the 'Cheonan World Dance Festival 2024', to be held from September 25 to 29, 2024 in Cheonan City, Republic of Korea," the invitation reads. of the Festival sent to BKK.

The Ballet Institution will be presented in what is known as the "nation's capital city", located over 80 kilometers south of South Korea's capital, Seoul.

Cheonan is called the "nation's capital city" because of its location 83,6 kilometers south of Seoul.

The Cheonan City World Dance Festival was first held in 2003 and this year marks its 19th anniversary.

"It has been chosen eight times as a representative festival of regional performing arts by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for six consecutive years. It is an international dance festival representing Korea. It has been chosen as an honorary festival of culture and tourism by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism since 2020. The best dancers will gather and compete in different ways at the Dance Festival," the event's email address reads. .

In the previous edition, the event was opened on October 5 and continued until the 9th of that month.

From now on, the World Dance Festival in South Korea heralds an unforgettable and exciting experience for the performers and the audience.

“We will make sure to create exciting memories and exciting experience with the attractions for the visitors. Lots to enjoy, including a dance competition where anyone can participate, regardless of age or gender. A large-scale parade throughout the city center and an international dance competition where you can watch dances from all over the world in one place," the event's introduction reads.

The confirmation of the participation of the National Ballet of Kosovo in this festival comes as an affirmation that this year the institution, together with the performance in New York and the one in Lisbon, is dedicated to the presentation of Kosovo's culture on the international stage.

The activity for this year started with the contemporary show "Rebounds: A BasketBallet" choreographed by the duo Friederike Lampert and Jochen Roller. The February 15 premiere was a game that combined ballet and basketball. This show has also been warned that it will be given to German and Swiss audiences. The performance came after a major production, that of the classic "Nutcracker" with music by Tchaikovsky and choreography by Ilir Kerni, for which a private hall had to be booked for rehearsals, premiere and rerun.