"Goca e Kaçanik" makes history in Kosovo

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The opera "Goca e Kaçaniku" by Rauf Dhomi, premiered on Friday night in the suburbs of Pristina, has been described as historic. The first opera of Kosovo was staged for the first time in its country of origin, after the premiere in Tirana in 1979.

With the book by Ajmone Dhomi and Jusuf Buxhov, "Goca...", under the direction of Nikolin Gurakuqi, has revealed the national identity in the art that tells stories through singing and playing music. There were 583 people who had the chance to see it in a private hall on the outskirts of the capital. The show has brought emotions that are conveyed in the libretto, music and dance of the dancers. From the mountains of Kaçanik, the historical narratives, based on the work of Milto Sotir Gurra, unfold on the giant stage where the national flag is unfurled with the portrait of the hero Idriz Seferi in the background. Adapted by Edon Ramadani, who is also the conductor of the Choir Opera Orchestra, 90 percent of the cast is local.

Courage and love for the country come first. Betrayal is another part of the narrative that succumbs to the cunning of the plans to send it to the submission of the enemy. The main role, that of Pafika, was beautifully performed by the soprano Adelina Paloja. The beginning of the walk through the individual and collective history of the people of Kosovo. It is about a girl who sees the future and kills the traitor who tries to open a way for the Ottomans to conquer her country. With Albanian costumes prepared by Vesa Kraja, the performance is also massive with the performance of the National Ballet of Kosovo.

"Kaçanik's Oyster" composed during the years 1971-1972, came as a historical event for art, culture and the country in general (Photo: Arben Llapashtica)

"Goca e Kaçanik" composed during the years 1971-1972 came as a historical event for art, culture and the country in general.

Academician Rauf Dhomi was excited after the premiere. There were several orders.

"This premiere for me is warmer, more heartwarming. I see everyone happy. It is a topic for this country. It is a suggestion to the Government that in this hall it is not a compact premiere. How to marry a bride in a foreign house. This is a foreign house, not a theater. I believe that after this premiere we will soon have the house, the opera house", said Academician Dhomi. It was staged in 1979 as a full production at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet in Tirana. But in Kosovo, a year earlier it had appeared in concert form and with shortened scores. It was presented on the occasion of the Albanian League of Prizren under the direction of the prominent composer and conductor of Albanian music, Mark Kaçinari.

The first rerun of "Goca..." will be given on Sunday night, while it is planned that the show will return in the fall and be given in Skopje and Tirana.

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