"Ukraine: A war crime" in 50 images brings the drama of the defense of the homeland

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The drama and efforts of Ukrainians to protect their homeland and democracy unfolds in 50 photographic images in the open exhibition at the Center for Openness and Dialogue in Tirana.

"Ukraine: A war crime", is the title of the exhibition that comes on the eve of the second anniversary of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The opening of the exhibition was attended by the prime minister of Albania, Edi Rama, Eridana Çano, director of the Agency for Dialogue and Co-governance, Svetlana Bachevanova, executive director of "FotoEvidence" as well as curator of this exhibition, photographers Christopher Occhicone, Oksana Parafeniuk, and others.

Prime Minister Rama recalled that this exhibition comes on the eve of President Zelensky's visit to Tirana.

"I want to greet in a special way the ambassador of Ukraine who is here with us and I definitely want to thank those who took on this initiative and managed to give it life at a moment like this", said Rama at the beginning of his speech, the media in Albania reported. He appreciated the fact that the exhibition comes on the eve of President Zelensky's visit to Tirana, a visit which is, on the one hand, a bilateral visit, but on the other hand, it is also a visit which will culminate in a summit of the countries of Southeast Europe for Ukraine. "A significant number of leaders from this area of ​​Europe will be invited to this summit, and where President Zelensky is with us as a co-organizer along with me for this activity, which in today's context has, in my opinion, a special importance" , he said. According to him, words and descriptions about what is happening in Ukraine are considered redundant today, as the exhibition conveys through the emotions of photographs that resemble movie stills.

Eridana Cano said in her speech that "the exhibition brings chilling and terrifying scenes that convey the drama and efforts of Ukrainians to protect their homeland and democracy".

"These visuals are unfiltered and unfiltered, raw and painful, hurtful and bloody, and perhaps this helps the viewer imagine the true pain of the event beyond the cold lens of the camera as if we were all there experiencing it. wounds", Cano is quoted as saying.

According to her, "the exhibition is also accompanied by the book with the same title published by 'FotoEvidence' with testimonies from 93 photojournalists from 29 different countries, presenting the Russian aggression in Ukraine".

The executive director of "FotoEvidence", Svetlana Bachevanova, said that the exhibition derives from the same book produced and published by "FotoEvidence".

"The book provides visual evidence of the indiscriminate violence and war crimes committed by the Russians on Ukrainian soil. This book is a statement from 93 photojournalists from 29 countries who came together to present their first-person accounts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from their perspective, who are tasked with documenting it," he was quoted as saying. she, reports the media in Albania.

"Ukraine a War Crime" was published to serve as a powerful instrument for mobilization as well as a historical document.

"It tells in words and images the intimate stories of survivors and witnesses of the massacres, giving a breathtaking account of the devastation of the war and the consequences on Ukrainian civilians," said Bachevanova.

The book itself includes over 360 photographs and 30 testimonies from 93 photojournalists from 29 different countries, who present the testimonies from the perspective of those who would later document the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Images and reports bring moments of conflict, humanitarian disaster and war crimes investigations. It reveals not only the displacement of millions of people in a chilling reality, but also the horrific stories of destruction and casualties that will long remain in the collective memory of that nation, which emerge from field experience in a war zone, where the first to step on the liberated territories were the photojournalists of "FotoEvidence".

According to the description, "Ukraine: A War Crime" serves as a historical document of the first year of this war. This book digs deep into the news to tell the intimate stories of survivors and witnesses of atrocities.

The exhibition and book include images on all aspects of the war, from across Ukraine, to paint a comprehensive picture of the devastation, the number of civilian casualties of the war and the crimes committed on Ukrainian soil.

The exhibition will be open until March 23.