Harmony and artistic diversity in the north of constant tensions

The international graphics biennial "Mitrovicaprint" weaved together a narrative in a multitude of styles and artists exhibited in a space that knows art well for so many years. "Mitrovicaprint" goes beyond a simple exhibition, transforming it into a cultural dialogue that conveys those who walked through the room of the Kadri Kadri tower

The second edition of the International Graphics Biennale brought together artists from 3 countries of the globe. The works in different techniques have given another dimension to the "Kadri Kadriu" gallery. In an environment where inter-ethnic tensions have often made that part of Kosovo a hotbed of conflicts, the artists through their works have a completely different message. They are united by the call for peace

In the "Kroi i Vitaku" neighborhood, in North Mitrovica, a unique event unfolded on Monday night. The world of graphic art revealed its lively palette, while the second edition of the international graphics biennial "Mitrovicaprint" opened the exhibition of works with different styles, forms and techniques.

This event not only celebrated the various expressions of graphic art, but also marked an important cultural moment for the region. The choice of North Mitrovica as a location for this biennale was symbolic, crossing borders, not just art. The historic Kadri Kadri Tower – part of which has been converted into a gallery and bears the name of the painter himself killed by Serbian forces in March 1999 – an important part of the region's rich heritage served as the venue, added an important layer to the whole organization.