"Rock for Rock" in the 22nd edition as a stage for young musicians

Consisting of the boys Art Agani on bass, Art Bekolli on vocals and guitar, Robert Pira on guitar and Zog Berisha on drums, "Pathogen" promises a lot based on their enthusiasm and music.

The "Rock for Rock" festival, a point of reference for rock enthusiasts in Kosovo, transformed the spaces of the ODA theater into a euphoric reality with the 22nd edition, where the sound waves of electric guitars, percussion and vocals collided with the energy of the fans of rock.

An environment covered by dense stage smoke with notes of the aroma of beer in the atmosphere, became a worthy space for true rock enthusiasts in Pristina. With pulsating lighting immersed in the rock music, only the silhouettes of the musicians on stage and the crowd dancing frantically enjoying the sounds of the participating bands for this edition could be seen. The group from Ferizaj, "7me7" was the overture of this edition through a symbolic return to this Festival, in the first edition of which they themselves had opened it as young boys, while now they returned as an established band in rock music scene in Kosovo, with years of experience on his shoulders.