Culture and youth – excluded from power for the image of Pristina

That young people and their creativity have potential for another image of the city, was one of the findings in the discussion between architects Eliza Hoxha and Rron Beqiri. But young people are not there when city plans are made, was the other finding in the discussion held on Thursday night at the "LIBART" center, at the "Hivzi Sylejmani" Library in Pristina within the "Architech"

The invitation to imagine "a city where chaos becomes an inspiration for innovation and the streets echo with the rhythms of a dynamic youth-driven culture" has been extended to problem identification. One of them, that culture and youth - as a potential for dynamism of the city - are excluded when decisions are made. There are concrete examples where art and young people, precisely in the chaos of Pristina, dictate changes, but when it comes to decision-making, their potential fades

At a time when the needs and demands of young people are accelerating and the approach to them must be more innovative, starting from the processes of building cities and involving young people, "Architech" seeks answers in the face of challenges. Or at least open the topic to them. The chaos of Pristina is the starting point. "Prishtina - the city where youth, technology and art collide in urban chaos", was the topic of the discussion with which the fourth edition of the festival, organized by Youth Are the Real Leaders - YARL, was concluded on Thursday night. It has been a series of workshops and discussion panels that "Architech" has brought this year, as early as April.

Eliza Hoxha, architect and deputy in the Assembly of Kosovo, opened the discussion by offering an introduction to the process of city constructions in order to first address the problem itself, which has resulted in an urban chaos in the capital.