"Life and the world of art" - the inspiring and unique story of Blerim Luzhë

Blerim Luzha: "I always wanted to leave a family legacy, information or stories about my life and the experiences I had during this period of time. I hope that my story intrigues all those who have a desire to learn about the events of that time and the experiences of an artist who, despite all the challenges, mainly political, nevertheless managed to realize some dreams..."

It was May 2020, pandemic time, when the artist Blerim Luzha decided to write the story about his life and work. But the monograph that Luzha (86) has now brought is more than a first-person narrative. It is an inspiring story about a man who follows his dreams and makes them come true. Evidence of such figures leaving a mark on the social consciousness

The monograph "My life and the world of art" is the chronological account of the life and activity of the artist Blerim Luzha. A kind of diary that starts with his family, childhood, education and artistic creativity. There are also the most personal stories behind the scenes of the journey towards the profession of passion.

The account of the family trunk and the special dedication to the members is the beginning of the voluminous book. The developments of his life affect him from the moment when Professor Eqrem Çabej named him. He describes childhood as full of effort, enthusiasm, despair and suffering. Describes the difficult living conditions and political problems of his family.